Like the
Flow of water.


A place no human could create
“Mori-no-Kuni(Land of Forest)”

Trees breathing in the Nametoko Gorge are by no means massive like those in Yakushima.
However, there is a different “Impulse of Life” here from those in Yakushima.
Roots taking their time to grow, never giving up.
Branches falling off in their search for the sun.
New trees from broken trunks.
Looking at the trees that have grown steadily with time and determination,
we can learn how to live our own life.
We believe it is because nature is untouched by mankind
that we are able to learn this.

  • 水際のロッジの木
  • 水際のロッジの木


Spending time in luxury isn’t the only way to find happiness.
Putting yourself in the middle of nature, closing your eyes and feeling nature’s breath with your whole body.
To see and touch with curiosity.
You will never forget the experience of this forest as your lifelong lesson.



Guest rooms are equipped with an adventurous bunk bed, locally produced beverages, and a MINIBAR with a selection of books we’d love for our guests to read at this beautiful location; making it a place where families and groups will want to spend a long, peaceful time.
Rooms are also furnished with natural materials such as oak flooring and sisal hemp, allowing guests to relax and feel close to nature, with the sound of the river flowing, and the aromatic scent of the trees.



Numerous local ingredients that give you a sense of the power this land has.
Using the techniques of traditional Italian cuisine,
we turn them into to "something that can only be enjoyed here.”
You will find excitement and joy in every pizza baked in our kitchen’s wood-fired oven.


Dynamic experiences and fun that can only be experienced here.
Both adults and children can fully enjoy "canyoning” in which you slide down the streams next to the side of rocks using only your body, and "tree climbing" a massive tree with just a rope.
Unforgettable memories, with those you love.



The three-story building standing by the waterside features 10 western-style rooms, a pizzeria, and a lobby lounge with a vaulted ceiling.
Rooms are decorated with natural furnishings that are in harmony with the sound of the river, the tree’s aroma, and the presence of the forest, creating a comfortable space for our guests.
Guests can also relax around the fireplace in the lobby lounge.