For an unforgettable, precious memory

    The moment you arrive at the lodge and get out of the car, close your eyes, and take a nice, deep breath.
    Climb up the stairs of the bunk bed with pure joy and excitement.
    Gently scoop up the clear water of the gorge with your hands.
    Look up into the sky and gasp at the countless stars twinkling in the night sky.
    Feast on the pizza topped with fresh, local goodness.
    Wake up at dawn to the sound of deer in the distance.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are an “adult” or a “child,”
    Try anything!
    Feel it!
    Get excited!
    May nature teach you new discoveries and give you surprises that 
    become unforgettable and precious memories for all.

    This is “Mori-no-Kuni (Land of Forest)”.
    The forest and the flowing river that change their expressions each season.
    New and exciting experiences are waiting for you on every visit.


    Cherishing moments with precious friends

    “Mori-no-Kuni (Land of Forest)” is a place where you can truly be yourself as you are. 

    Unwind from all the stress that you’ve accumulated 
    in your daily life and regain your true self.

    Don’t cram things into your schedule, 
    and just appreciate the nature that exists here as it is.

    Shooting stars flying across the beautiful night sky.
    The clear stream of the gorge that never stops its flow. 
    Enjoying breakfast at your favorite place in the forest.

    Please spend a rich and luxurious time with your truly special friends.