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    Which route should we take if we’re heading there by car? 

    From Matsuyama Area: approximately 50 minutes from the Mima Interchange on Matsuyama Expwy
    From Uwajima Area: approximately 40 minutes from Uwajima Kita Interchange via Route 320

    Please follow the “Nametoko, Nametoko Gorge” and the former “Mori no Kuni Hotel” road signs as you’re heading on your way.
    If you’re using a GPS, be sure to set the GPS to go to “Nametoko Gorge” via “Meguro Post Office”. 
    In some rare cases, the GPS may guide you through a narrow mountain road after passing the “Niji-no-mori Park/Osakana-kan”rest stop in Matsuno-cho.
    Please be careful not to get lost on these roads, as they are extremely narrow and aren’t used by the locals either. 

    After arriving at Nametoko Gorge, you will find the “Riverside Lodge” which is a red-roofed building on the right side of “the Mannen-bashi Bridge.” 
    Please note that the “Mori no Kuni Hotel” (former hotel) is currently closed.
    Guests are advised to use the circular parking lot just below the front of the lodge.

    The entrance to the Wild Pizzeria “Selvaggio” is located at the back right of the front of the lodge.

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    How can I spend time at the Nametoko Gorge?

    The Riverside Lodge, located inside the Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park.
    It is surrounded by wonderful mother nature.
    We recommend spending lots of time close to nature, by taking a walk along the canyon made of smooth granite, watching the “Yukiwa Waterfall” flowing down an 80-meter-tall monolithic surface, observing monkeys, deer, and countless birds. 
    We also offer a variety of activities such as catching bugs and fishing. (see ③).

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    What kind of activities are there? 

    ●Free Activities 
    ·Bonfire with Marshmallows
    ·Night Tour (Sky full of Stars)
    ·Firewood Chopping
    The program starts around 7:00 p.m. every day. Detailed times will be provided upon check-in.
    In case of rain, the tour may be cancelled.
    During the summer vacation period (July 21 to late August), watermelon splitting is also held from 4:00 p.m.

    ●Activities with Additional Fees
    These activities are conducted by a cooperative company. We recommend planning ahead and scheduling a reservation early during the peak season (July and August).

    ·The Forest and Countryside Experience (year around)
    Experience what a life in the countryside is like while learning from the local farmers of the Nametoko Gorge. 
    Have lots of fun with harvesting the seasonal vegetables and experience the excitement. 
    Learn about the ingredients and enjoy their delicious taste while interacting with the majestic nature in this rural countryside.

    ·Canyoning (Late March ~ October)
    Water activities consisting of sliding down the monolith in the Nametoko Gorge and jumping into the water pits. 
    Unavailable for children who are not yet in elementary school.
    What is Canyoning?

    Shower Trekking (October ~ December)
    Nametoko Shower Trekking Half DAY Course
    Please contact us for more information regarding activities like the Nature Tour or Tent Saunas. 

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    Can I use my cellular device? 

    Docomo’s service is available throughout the area, however au’s services are limited to only certain areas and SoftBank services do not reach this vicinity. Rest assured there is free WIFI inside the building. 

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    Are there any convenience stores or shops nearby? 

    There are no stores directly nearby the Nametoko Gorge. 
    The closest convenience store is “Family Mart Matsuno-Nijinomori-ten” (20 minutes with car)” in Matsuno-cho. 
    Alcohol, soft drinks (some charged), snacks are provided in the room minibar.

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    Is there anywhere I can eat lunch? 

    Here at Nametoko Gorge, you can eat at “Selvaggio” inside our facility and Nametoko Outdoor Center “Mannen-sou”.
    Selvaggio offers various Italian foods such as pizza and pasta, while Mannen-sou offers light meals such as curry and hot sandwiches.
    We recommend a lunch reservation if you’re planning to go to Selvaggio (11:30 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. only)

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    What’s available in the guest rooms? 

    Room clothes (adult sizes only), bath towel, body towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, glasses/cups, hair dryer, hangers, clothes brush, deodorant, hot water pot, mug, drip coffee, refrigerator (no freezer), drinks (both free and not free), sketchbooks, colored pencils, different books for each room

    *The Riverside Lodge is committed to various environmental initiatives as part of its responsibility to operate in a national park.
    As part of this commitment, we entirely discontinued the use of disposable amenities (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and shavers) in guest rooms as of June 2021. 
    Please feel free to bring your favorite amenities from home. 
    Organic bamboo toothbrushes, natural toothpaste, wooden hairbrushes, etc. are available at the front desk for purchase.

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    Are there any wild animals? 

    Monkeys, deer, and birds can be seen throughout the year.
    Although monkeys are fewer than before, they may still come down to our forest in small groups. Animals have lived in this mountain area longer than humans.
    Please interact with them with the mindset that we are guests visiting their land.
    They are naturally wild creatures, so please do not feed them.

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    What time of the year should we visit?

    You can enjoy the different expressions of nature whenever you visit throughout the year.
    March ~ May:The wild cherry blossoms decorate the mountain like a watercolor painting on Earth’s canvas. 
    Right after is the season of lush greenery where the young leaves create a beautiful green gradient, and the mountain shines at it’s brightest from the sun. 

    June ~ September:Canyoning activities in Nametoko Gorge have begun, and it’s the season full of enjoyment playing around the river. Swim or put your feet in the clear waters of the Meguro River, the headstream of the Shimanto River. 
    About this time we start having picnic-style breakfasts and other tasty meals outdoors while enjoying the weather.

    October ~ Early December:The autumn leaves start to change color around this time. The peak for the fall foliage is November, but the trees gradually change color so it’s possible to see the fall leaves even in early December.  
    The new rice grown in water from the clear streams of Nametoko is notably delicious. Look forward to your breakfast of Meguro-mai rice!

    January ~ February:The coldest season you can experience at the Nametoko Gorge.
    Snow is relatively rare, but the waterfalls freeze when it’s extremely cold and you might see a magnificent icefall.
    The fireplace is lit up and the smoke rises from the chimney to the top. Enjoy the calm, quiet forest, and a cozy room in the lodge.

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    What should we bring with us to make our experience more enjoyable? 

    If you’re playing around the river, water shoes and a rash guard would be great to have.
    The bottom of the river and the rocks of Nametoko are very slippery, so Crocs or any type of rubber sandals are dangerous to walk around with and come off easily. 
    Unlike pools, rivers have a current so please be careful at all times. 

    Insect nets, insect cages, and fishing gear (available for rent at Mannen-so)
    Comfortable sneakers and outdoor clothing are also recommended for the best experience. 

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    Can we camp outdoors?

    The Nametoko Campsite is managed by the Nametoko Outdoor Center “Mannen-so.” Please contact Mannen-sou (0895-49-1535) for inquiries and reception.

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    Can we enjoy BBQ?

    BBQs are available for daytime use at the Nametoko Campsite. 
    The area around the Riverside Lodge is designated as a national park, and BBQ’ing outside of designated areas is prohibited.

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    What are the road conditions like in the winter, and does it regularly snow? 

    We expect to see snow several times a year, but even if it snows one day, it often melts away during the next day.。
    If you have studless tires for your car you should be all set, but normal tires are also fine as long as it does not snow. 
    If you are ever concerned about the weather, please feel free to reach out to us by giving us a call.  

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    Are there any parking areas?

    There are many parking spaces here at the Nametoko Gorge. Guests spending the night at the Riverside Lodge are advised to use the circular parking lot just below the front of the lodge.