Like the
Flow of water.
The Riverside Lodge is located on the banks of the Meguro River,
which flows through “Mori-no-Kuni (Land of Forest)”.
The Meguro River, the headstream of the Shimanto River
is often referred as the last clear stream in existence in Japan.
The stream makes you want to live as carefree as the water.
The building is a lodge-type accommodation
that provides a fresh feeling.

Have you ever been surrounded by a stunning natural environment where winds blow around freely, trees and branches intertwine, with an abundance of lively soil and rich water?
Have you ever been surrounded by nature that leaves you speechless?
Have you ever touched a life that is beyond your comprehension that makes you want to cherish it dearly?
A forest as it is, as no human can create. That is “Mori-no-Kuni (Land of Forest)”.

Seeing your natural self
through the “water” flowing at will.
The water that goes to the Shimanto River.
Unlike the rivers flowing in the city,
there is nothing obligatory and it flows according to its will.
Since we’re also made mostly of water,
shouldn’t we live as freely as this stream?
There is an astonishingly beautiful river here that
can’t help but make you have such thoughts.
Learn how to live
from the “trees” that live peacefully.
Trees breathing in the Nametoko Gorge are by no means massive like those in Yakushima.
However, there is a different “Impulse of Life” to those in Yakushima.
Roots taking their time to grow without giving up.
Branches so long they could break off in a moment.
A new tree coming to life from a broken stem.
The way in which these trees live,
is perhaps how we should live our lives.
From the “Giant Stones” standing proud and tall,
we learn a sense of presence and dignity.
Alongside the Nametoko Gorge, there are many
“Giant Stones” sitting in various areas.
Why are they here?
How did they form into these shapes?
The giant stones, which have lived with moss for thousands of years,
are not just lying around but instead
they seem to be standing there.
Accepting what’s around them whole-heartedly and
standing without a single word of complaint.
Their majestic presence gives off an air of dignity.
From the wild animals nearby,
we gather a sense of their courage.
In “Mori-no-Kuni (Land of Forest), humans are the outsiders.
The real masters are the animals, such as deer and monkeys.
Please kindly look out for them as they live their tough and timid lives.
It may be a fleeting encounter,
but you will see the courage of these eager wild creatures.