Our passion for ingredients
A dish you will never forget

Have you ever had a dish so good that you just can't forget?
At "Selvaggio," we offer dishes made with
many local ingredients that will become
one of your most treasured memories of your trip.
All ingredients produced in this region
are unique in their own way.
Along with some time and effort,
we carefully prepare dishes which
can only be enjoyed here, that are truly unforgettable.

What it means to select locally produced ingredients
We try to use local ingredients as much as possible.
This is because the shorter the time between harvesting and cooking, the more nutritious and tastier the food. In addition, the strength of the land where the ingredients grow is strongly reflected in the ingredients themselves.
No matter how good the cooking method, it is no match to the potential of the ingredients.
We understand the producer’s love for their produce and the characteristics of the ingredients to provide you with a dish that is truly exquisite.
Sustainable Food Culture
Preserving traditional recipes and the art of cooking and enjoying the meal slowly.
This is the concept of "slow food," which originated in Italy.
Producers grow and deliver their produce that is suited to the local climate without any strain. Through "Selvaggio," our guests are truly amazed with their experience and enjoyment of the food.
We are committed to creating a cycle of production and consumption that makes everyone involved joyful.
The wild pizzeria, “SELVAGGIO”
Italian restaurant built on the first floor of the lodge
The food is supervised by Masakazu Iwasawa, owner-chef of "PIZZERIA GTALIA DA FILIPPO" in Shakujii, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, who has won numerous awards at international Naples-style pizza competitions.
The wood-fired oven pizza uses wheat grown in Ehime Prefecture and wheat from Hokkaido that the chef was involved in producing, all in accordance with the STG which is the world standard for pizza dough.
By fully pursuing other local ingredients such as vegetables, meat, fish, and fruit, we have been able to create a menu that is rich with the vibrant ingredients of Shikoku and the Setouchi area.
  • 野生のピッツェリア「SELVAGGIO 野生のピッツェリア「SELVAGGIO
  • 野生のピッツェリア「SELVAGGIO
Bakery supervised by "Brio Brio,"
a Bakery Cafe in California, U.S.A.
All products are made with natural yeast provided by BrioBrio.
The bread that is fermented slowly every day for a long time,
has a flavor that lets you really taste the natural yeast.
We also use as many locally grown fruits and vegetables as we can when making our bread,
which has a flavor that can only be enjoyed here.