Play and learn in the forest.
Approach the heart of nature.

Mori-no-Kuni Valley: A village in a gorge amid a thriving forest ecosystem.
The ripples of life here reach far downstream.
Mori-no-Kuni Valley is a place for sustainable and human lifestyles
created with the utmost respect for ecological cycles
and relying, where possible, solely on the power inherent in nature.
This is not a future extrapolated from modern urban living.
It is an utterly new way of life, with humans and nature in harmony,
and a community that knows the value of living this way.
Our unchanging origin is our promise to the forest:
“We will approach the heart of nature.”
As in the past, so too in the future.


What matters
in Mori-no-Kuni Valley

As a community, we respect the forest and share values relating to nature, people, society, and the future.Building Mori-no-Kuni Valley is an ongoing, cumulative effort. Everyone starts wherever they can.No urgency. No need to hurry. “Three steps forward, two steps back” is fine.


Discover some of the many forms life takes at Mori-no-Kuni Valley.
Cultural initiatives, longstanding traditions, new endeavors . . .
All have their place in the flow of time here.


The residents of Mori-no-Kuni Valley embracing a variety of challenges.
Giving form to will, we find creative solutions to the problems we face.
Spirited ambition is something we support and strive to cultivate.


The forest filters the falling rain and releases it into the clear stream of Nametoko Gorge.
This water nurtures the rich soil and brings flavor to the rice and produce.
Savor the fresh, natural flavors that the water of Nametoko supports.


Many people live in Mori-no-Kuni Valley.
Some work, some play, and some simply relax.
Of course, monkeys, deer, trees, moss, and stones are also important residents.
They were here long before we arrived. They know all the forest’s secrets.